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chased them into the house, punched one in the face. then the chase continued outside. the women were able to get away to a neighbor's house not before one of them was also physically assaulted. police are still looking for them. you're looking at video of a home invasion robbery that happened a little -- about a week and a half ago. this was across town, about 50 miles south. police had announced the arrest of the three men who allegedly broke into people's cars and stole the cars and they were gone, but they were arrested just a couple days later. investigators were able to link them to home invasion robberies. they're hoping they can get information on these two men from this morning's case, connect them to other incidents that have happened and get them into custody as quick as possible. hearing that other cars may have been broken into in the early morning hours. again, a very fluid situation. we saw police everywhere. to recap, two women assaulted. they're both fine. one was taken to a local hospital. the two suspects still at large.
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that's what we know so far here in east san jose. stephanie chuang. >> thank you very much. we have new developments to bring you from another strange story following this morning's amber alert in the east bay. the child they first reported missing does not even exist. nbc bay area's terry mcsweeney has been following this story all morning long. this one seems to get stranger and stranger as we get more information coming in. >> reporter: yeah, and there's more information still to come. i can tell you at 12:30 this morning oakland pd received a call if a woman saying she'd been abused, her car ramd, her child stolen by her husband. here we are a little after 11:00 and that woman is the one who is now facing charges. this little girl kidnapped. her father 56-year-old kim tollfree, the suspect. all that based on a story told to police by a woman who was described as tollfree's wife. all that part of an amber alert this morning. it began here at 94th avenue and
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holly street after an argument when kim tollfree rammed his flat bed into a car, a car with her daughter isaza in it. >> the father was armed, he was dangerous, he'd been physically abusive to his wife. >> reporter: but a few hours later mr. tollfree called police to say there couldn't have been a kidnapping because he and that woman don't have a toddler. police brought him down to headquarters for questioning. officers went back out to the scene at 94th and holly where they found the wife's damaged car but now they're not sure if the husband crashed into it or if there ever was an argument. >> now we'll deal with the fallout issues of filing a false police report, initiating an amber alert that shouldn't have been initiated. but if we were to say one thing, we'd much rather err on the side of caution. >> reporter: as for whose picture this is, that's part of the investigation. one of the big concerns for oakland police this morning is what this did to the credibility of an amber alert.
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all this information put out there turns out none of it is true. as for mr. tollfree, he may face charges if he in fact abused that woman. the woman likely to face charges says oakland pd. terry mcsweeney, nbc bay area news. also new at 11:00, a 70-year-old man from the salinas valley is now under arrest and could be facing serious charges after a strange incident aboard a greyhound bus early this morning. the santa clara county share's office says the bus driver called 911 from the road this morning as it made its way to oakland from los angeles. deputies say the suspect annoyed and harassed an 11-year-old girl aboard the bus, then once the bus driver was alerted he pulled over in south san jose where the man was taken into custody. we spoke to passengers as they got off that bus at the san jose depot, and they have conflicting stories. >> this lady started screaming that the guy behind her was
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molesting her child, 11 years old. >> the guy was telling me that he was trying to get his sweater off his seat. the next thing he knows, he like trips, no? and then the lady started accusing saying that, oh, like he tried to like touch like my daughter. >> he was repeatedly going by her area where she was sitting, we still have to confirm did he actually physically touch her and if so where? was it over the clothing, under the clothing? but definitely a fact we can't confirm that he was harassing her. >> reporter: sergeant cardoza says the man could face felony charges and he's expected to be booked any time. cardoza also says the 11-year-old girl is shook up but otherwise she is okay. this morning, oakland police are disputing a report by federal monitors that says one of its officers pointed a gun at a sleeping 19-month-old toddler while serving a search warrant last year. oakland police chief howard jordan spoke less than 30
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minutes ago about this incident last july. the report said two officers allegedly pointed their guns at the baby who was on the couch. oakland police say the search did take place, but deny a child was ever threatened. >> the officers conducted a search of the home. during the search of the home, they did see a 19-month-old kid laying on the couch. the officers immediately recognize that the kid was not a threat to them, continue on their search. in fact one officer remained with the child until the search was completed t report co ecomp >> the report comes as the police act on increasing reforms to avoid a federal takeover. new details to tell you about after a suicide bombing at the u.s. embassy in turkey. at least one person now confirmed dead. several others are wounded as investigators there try to figure out exactly who is behind this attack. local reporters say the bomber
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is a turkish citizen. witnesses say he entered the u.s. embassy compound in ankara through a side gate and he made it as far as the first x-ray machine before finally detonating and explosive, killing both himself and a security guard. the u.s. embassy has acknowledged this attack did happen through a statement thanking turkish authorities for their assistance. they say at this point there will be more details coming and will be issued later. now, to the big game. the quest for six and a lot of people calling this one the harbowl. brothers john and jim harbaugh giving their press conference this morning. they talked about how they're preparing for the big day and the reality that one of them will be going home very did i pointed when this game is all over. >> you do think about sh obviously, in any game, that's always something you think about. so it's not really about -- jim has pointed this out before. it's not really about how we're going to feel. you know, every coach, every player, everybody in the organization, when you win,
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everybody -- it's jubilation, and when you lose it's just bitter disappointment. because so much goes into it. it will be no different in this game. >> coaching wise it's been very much the same. you're in a dark room, you're watching tape, watching the baltimore ravens, studying them. and then getting with the players, getting out on the practice field. that's been wonderful, wonderful. we've had great practices. >> well, both the coaches there very low key taking this one all in stride. mom and dad, jackie and jack much more entertaining earlier this week. but these two, jim and john say they are focused and just looking forward to sunday's big showdown. >> in the meantime, authorities say they've gotten some leads on the baltimore ravens fan who scammed a 49ers fan out of 5900 bucks. the alameda countysheriff's office says it is working closely with authorities in florida to track down the person who sold four fake tickets to sharon osgood on craigslist.
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osgood and their family, they've since received five real tickets to sunday's game and they are in new orleans right now. a south bay art gallery is getting in and all the super bowl excitement this weekend. vernon davis gallery 85 on santana road features artwork from vernon davis himself, the tight end for the niners. those three paintings right there, that is vernon davis' magic touch right there. the gallery will hold a concert and sale this weekend in honor of the super bowl. some of the musicians including this guy here, jasper, were at the gallery early this morning getting in on final rehearsals before tomorrow's concert. this concert happens tomorrow from 4:00 until 6:00 p.m. all the proceeds from the concert and art sales will benefit the vernon davis foundation for the arts which is designed to get children excited about the art industry. >> vernon davis, a true renaissance man. very nice. the 49er faithful were out in
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force tonight. a chance to be live on the "today" show. christina loren was out there with them. let's just say she got a little bit of a surprise of her own. >> these fans have been out here for two hours so far. it's chilly out here. so seven-day outlook. >> turn around. >> what's happening? >> is he not a good looking man? >> the "today" show's al roker sneaking up on christina in "today on the bay." he was in the building in san francisco checking out how all the fans are pumped up. he said he's a big time niner fan. you can see even at 5:00 in the morning quite a crowd for big al and christina. a good time had by all. stay with nbc bay area for all your 49er coverage. and after the super bowl wraps up, make sure to switch over to nbc bay area for a special post
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game show. then check out our coverage always available on still ahead, a 5-year-old boy being held hostage in alabama. we'll have an update on the tense standoff between the suspect and police. also, a ceremony for a fallen police officer. more than four decades in the making. we'll let you know why this one took so long. some solidly mediocre news about the economy, and the dow crosses 14,000. business news just ahead. and nothing mediocre about the forecast on this first day of february. you may think we're moving into spring based on the temperatures we're already seeing outside right now close to 60 degrees. could see 70 in parts of the bay area. we'll look at your super bowl weekend forecast when we come right back.
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there's more news this morning. the american economy is stuck right in neutral, but scott mcgrew says, hey, the stock
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market didn't even seem to notice. >> yes, good morning. starting with jobs, the american economy added 157,000 jobs to the month of january. that's a solid number, kind of a huh number. the unemployment rate rises to 9.7%, up 0.1%. now on wall street, they seem not too bothered about that. in fact, the dow industrials crossed over 14,000 for just a little bit there. here we see the nasdaq open. they're wearing red because of heart health. the federal trade commission this morning says the app path will pay $800,000 in fines as part of a settlement it violated people's privacy. path will also submit to 20 years of monitoring by an independent investigator to make sure the app sticks to its agreement. path was accused of collecting information from your address book without your knowledge. app privacy has been a hot button issue, and it was really
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path which first caught the government's attention to silicon valley app developers. then had to show you this. this is the tweet out of the new york mayor's office. as you reported ed koch has passed away. but you'll notice this tweet of him passing away was retweeted by ed koch. he is the chuck norris of twitter. an amazing man who continues, apparently, to tweet. back to you. >> thank you, scott. health problems including heart disease since he left city hall in 1990. this is in regards to his death, of course. his poll sis helped the city climb out of financial ruin between 1979 and '89. his funeral will be held monday in manhattan. he was 88 years old. a developing story to tell you about in alabama where a 5-year-old boy is still being held hostage by a gunman inside of an underground bunker about thap bunker currently surrounded by law enforcement. authority assist the gunman could hold out for several more
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days. his name is jimmy lee dykes. he allegedly grabbed that boy off of a school bus tuesday afternoon after newt chuting and killing the bus driver who was trying to protect the kids. that bunker is located on dykes' property. authorities there have been able to talk to the suspect through a plastic pipe. also an alaska airlines flight landed safely after that pilot simply passed out. an airline spokesman telling us the plane was heading to seattle from los angeles when it had to make an emergency landing in portland late last night. the pilot did regain consciousness before the flight actually landed. a doctor on board was there, fortunately, able to take care of him. at this hour, it is unclear why exactly the pilot passed out. the palo alto police department held a moving ceremony this week to remember an officer killed in the line of duty. there's just one twist. he was killed four decades ago. reserve officer lester cole was
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hit and killed by a car as he set out flares at an accident 44 years ago today. he was the first palo alto police officer ever killed in the line of duty. yesterday, the department held an official graveside ceremony to remember him. the department's chief says the tribute was long overdue. >> we got to thinking at some point we should do a better job and go back and make it right. >> cole's widow said her husband loved helping people and loved volunteering. she said he would not have minded that the ceremony was 44 years late. of. >> nice tribute there. earlier today and earlier in the show we showed you christina loren out with al roker rocking it up in san francisco. so she's been busy. rob mayeda to hold down the fort. >> pretty nice as christina talked about this morning, we'll see temperatures warming up to 70 degrees in the bay area. 57 in san jose. we have mainly clear skies right
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now. but as we go through the afternoon, we'll see high clouds drifting up from the south. but high pressure a big story here. first day of february. we'll see spring-like temperatures today. air quality, though, you might see that suffer, but trapped underneath that dome of high pressure, smoke particle pollution will continue to build up for the next couple of days. we'll have to watch that as we get into the weekend. hour by hour in terms of cloud cover, as we head to the evening, right around sunset, you'll see the high clouds coming up from south to north and probably coastal fog around santa cruz trying to head up to half moon bay. we'll start off the weekend with a few more clouds. temperatures cooling this time tomorrow. but today looks great. 70 in san jose, should be close to 70 in santa cruz before the low clouds arrive. here you go, super bowl weekend forecast looks very nice. just add in a few extra clouds. slight cooldown for tomorrow and then we'll stay dry for the first half of next week. get ready for a change in the
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weather. cool temperatures, low 50s, a chance of rain in the middle part of thursday of next week. >> we'll take that, rob. thank you very much. coming up right from the heart, a symbol of love coming unhinged in the south bay. we'll at the timelet you know what's up for the love locks. and a little love for j.k. a rebirth for a san francisco landmark, that's coming up. but first, a live look at san francisco with jon kelley's fan club. >> oh, my god, jon kelley, hi! >> we love you! >> for jon kelley. coming up next -- [ female announcer ] safeway presents real big deals
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literally put their hearts on the line. and those tokens of love are being taken down. couples have been hanging those personalized padlocks on that bridge as a symbol of their love for one another. very sweet. but the town a little bit worried that the locks could fall out on to cars traveling below the bridge on highway 17. the deadline to remove the locks, you may want to head over there now. the art museum on tate street will display those locks. they'll make a nice exhibit just in time for valentine's day. >> a brand new beginning for san francisco's iconic watering hole, the gold dust lounge. after an eight-month hiatus, the bar is celebrating its grand reopening in a brand new spot on fisherman's wharf. from the lounge's old location in union square to its new space at the wharf. it will be followed by an invitation-only party tonight.
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the gold dust lounge was evicted from the square last year to make room for retailers. >> like the expression watering hole. so... [ gasps ] these are sandra's "homemade" yummy, scrumptious bars. hmm? i just wanted you to eat more fiber.
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and welcome back. beautiful day around the bay area here on this first day of february. no worries about rain. just how warm is it going to get? this afternoon we're seeing nothing but sunshine right now. take you out to san jose where you got the hazy skies. that's the one down side to high pressure. it acts like a lid over the bay area. can trap smoke particle pollution. you can see some of those hazy s skies. quick check of the temperatures. 62 in sunnyvale. the trend as we go into the weekend is more of these mild temperatures, maybe some patchy morning fog at times. perfect for sunday viewing inside or outdoors if you happen to take the tv outside. satellite view, high clouds coming up out of the south. that's one of the changes we're
11:25 am
going to see today. a few extra clouds towards sunset. then you see the numbers near 70 today. the weekend a little bit cooler. the sea breeze will pick up some for tomorrow, then things cooling off big time with a chance of showers thursday. >> rob, thank you very much. no secret companies have to cough up a lot of cash for prime ad time during the super bowl. this year $4 million just to buy a 30-second slot, but there's one person getting all kinds of free ad time during the super bowl. that's colin kaepernick's tattoo artist. telling blooming about kaepernick and his tattoos will get two minutes of focus time. if you run the numbers, that translates to $16 million worth of advertising. i knew you'd like that, marla. he'll get this for free. free advertising, about 16 mill for promoting the ta tu artist. the man behind kap's tats is
11:26 am
nate andrion. >> i have my own tatoo artist sitting next to me who did this to me. >> i did do that. can we get a tight shot of that? then you got to kiss it. >> oh, yeah. >> and that's very appropriate. you kind of have a little crush on kaepernick? >> just a little. >> that looks good good except for the fact that -- >> it's upside down. he put it on upside down. >> still looks good. my bad. [ female announcer ] pillsbury crescents are awesome.
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